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Why It Is Important To Establish A Routine During The Coronavirus

“If you pick the right small behavior and sequence it right, then you won’t have to motivate yourself to have it grow. It will just happen naturally, like a good seed planted in a good spot.”

BJ Fogg

Establishing and maintaining a routine during the Cornonavius is vital on many levels.

To protect ourselves and to help prevent the spread of this virus, maintaining a routine is important. The way we clean, the way we shop, practicing self-distancing, wearing a protective face mask, not touching our face. You know what to do; that information is everywhere. However, it will not work unless we establish all of them as part of our routine.

In some ways, for some people, it is an opportunity.

If you are now working from home, in my opinion, it is an opportunity. How many times as you left for work in the morning, or came home after a long day, did you wish that you could stay home. How many times have you thought about what you would do, what you could accomplish, if only you had the time?

Well, now, you do. Do not waste this precious time.

Do not waste this time binge-watching Netflix. Sure it is okay to catch up on shows you like to watch, but don’t become a couch potato. There are too many other worthwhile activities you can do.

Establish a routine. Relax, have a cup of coffee, and make a list of all the things you have always wanted to do if you could stay home.

Take your list and look at it objectively. What can you do, what do you need to do it, and how much time will it take. What will you enjoy the most, what has the most benefit, which would be the easiest? Start with the easiest, but do not stop; keep doing.

There are many things you can do that will not cost anything like cleaning the garage, the basement, or doing lawn work or maintenance.

Establish a fitness routine, go for a walk or a run. Have a stack of books you have wanted to read but never found the time? Read every day.

Watch YouTube and learn something new. Does your car need an oil change? Do you want to learn how to speak another language, knit or crochet, build a coffee table, do home repairs, or remodeling? The list is endless, and I bet you can find it on YouTube.

There is one crucial thing we rarely take the time for or even avoid, taking the time to evaluate your life. Are you happy? If you could change, what would it be? Sometimes life is so busy, and we are so set in our day to day activities that we never stop to breathe, to think, or to feel. We live on autopilot, and we accept the life we are living even when it is not what we wanted when we started. Now is the time to take a step back and wonder, how can I change, how can I improve, what can I do to live a better, more content life?

At the top of your list should be enjoying and spending time with your family. If you have children they will be home from school too, so you can help them maintain their schoolwork. If you are working from home, keep your work routine and professionalism; it is a learning opportunity for your whole family.

Have fun, go for walks with your kids, talk, and listen to what they have to say. Be their parent, but also be their friend. Make memories with this time that you will have forever.

Establish a routine to follow every day, have fun while getting things done, and be productive.

The Coronavirus has given us the time we never thought we would have to spend in a way you may have only dreamed of before. Make the most of it and enjoy it the best you can.

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell

As always, thanks so much for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it.


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