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How To Methodically Develop An Outstanding Positive Attitude

Throw out the words, “if I can, I hope, and maybe.” Replace them with, “I can, I will, I must.”


“I think I want to try this,” I spoke those words several years ago to the owner of an Antique Mall. He had just taken me on a tour of the oversized building, showing me several individual floor spaces and showcases where over 1,000 dealers displayed all their wares.

When I said those words, “I think I want to try this,” he laughed and shook his head. “No, no, no, that is the wrong attitude!” He was adamant. There is no, “If I Can, I Hope, Maybe, or I want to Try.” That is the wrong attitude; you will not be successful if that is the way you think.

He stood there and watched me as I took a moment to process what he said. I was also a little perturbed because he was slightly abrasive. I looked at him and said, “I can do this,” and asked to be added to the waiting list for new dealers.

Little did he know how determined I was. It was not necessary to explain to me how important a positive attitude is. I knew all too well after my years of working and pushing myself to succeed.

Attitude is everything.

What comprises a positive attitude? It is a mental attitude, or mindset, that envisions and expects the best results. It is a willingness, an eagerness to try new things. It is optimism. It helps you look for and recognize opportunities. Someone with a positive attitude believes in their capabilities and focuses on possibilities; they turn away from negativity.

That owner had been correct. The words I spoke had not been positive and did not show confidence, When we use words like “try” we do not sound confident, and somewhere in the back of our minds, we doubt ourselves.

  • Throw out the doubt and replace it with positive thoughts, words, and actions.

“You are the conductor of your own attitude! Nobody else can compose your thoughts for you.”

– Lee J. Colan

Remember that you are in control of your attitude. Each day will be full of events, conversations with other people, and ordinary everyday happenings like waiting in line. It is up to us to decide what we think and how we respond. It is easy to react with little thought or effort, but it is a better practice to take a moment and think first. Are you positive or negative? Always choose a positive reaction.

  • Develop the habit of looking for positive thoughts. I do it every day by searching on the internet for quotes. They always make me feel better. I also share some of them on this blog and Twitter and Facebook.

Focus on the things that make you feel good. Listen to music, go on walks, spend time with family and friends, exercise, take a nap.

Keep a small journal that you can carry with you and reference every time you start to feel tired, overworked or face an adverse reaction. Open the journal and read some positive thoughts or affirmations that are special to you.

  • Ignore the negativity we face every day on the internet. Let’s face it; there is an overload of negative thoughts and actions found on social media. It is easy to get drawn into the swamp. Avoid it.

Do something positive instead, learn something new. Watch a webinar or Utube to learn a new skill. Take a class, develop a new hobby. Make a list of all your interests and look for ways to accomplish them.

  • Develop your speaking skills. Most of us do not realize the message we may be giving. Our language, including our body language, tells a story about us. Start paying attention to your words, your interpersonal skills, and monitor people’s reactions.

An example would be my conversation mentioned above. I was giving the wrong message and had been unaware of the impact. I did get my space at the Antique Mall, but he doubted me at first.

Learn to use positive words and to present a positive demeanor. Smile, shake hands, pat someone’s shoulder. Look people in the eye and lean toward them, indicating your interest in what they are saying.

The language you consistency use, the positive thoughts that you have, and the positive actions you take will influence the person you become.

  • Ignore and distance yourself from the people that look at life through a negative lens. Many people enjoy talking about the ‘terrible’ things that have happened. They complain and make excuses and seek to draw you into their pity party. Do not accept their invitation.

In every way possible, surround yourself with positive people. You want to spend time with people who make you feel good about life. Are you happy and confident when you spend time with them? Do they offer you support? After you spend time with them, do you feel energized?

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.”

– Karl Marx

When you learn any skill. you will seek out a mentor or a professional, someone you admire and respect. Being a positive person is a skill and we should continually strive to become more positive. It should be a goal to surround yourself with positive people.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. Have a positive day, all day, every day!


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