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How Do You Make Everyday A Victory? A List of Things To Do.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Today I was browsing Twitter and I saw an image of a very physically fit man talking about finding victory every day. I could not ignore the image and whatever victory he was having was definitely working for him physically.

I cannot say the same for his video. It was not effective for me because it was virtually full of expletives which ruined the message. I am not sure he was giving off the message he wanted.

He was explosively selling victory but I don’t think he reached it. At least not with me. I did not like his perspective. It may have worked for a different audience.

I liked his focus on victory so I decided to do research on how to obtain victory for ourselves each and every day. What an interesting concept. Here is what I found.

The first article I read made total sense and I really liked it. It is a simple concept and one that would definitely work in your personal and professional life.

  • Easy-Peasy. Pick what is your highest priority to accomplish each day and do that first.

In your personal life if you want to exercise each day do it before you leave for work. I used to get up early each day and get on my Treadmill. Doing that meant I did not have to worry about doing it at night which truthfully would not have worked for me.

When you get to work be sure to concentrate on whatever is the most important thing you have to do for the day. Do you have to complete a report or is there a project you are working on? Do it first.

Each day you will end up having at least one victory by doing this practice. It will benefit you on many levels and the rest of your day can be used to do the less important tasks.

  • Do an assessment of yourself.

Everyone has a list of things we know we could be better at. You know, the stuff that sometimes plays mindlessly in our head. What are they? Take an evening or a weekend and do some contemplation. Write them all down. Okay now you have a list and if you are like me it might be long. Here are a few examples:

Calling your parents or siblings or returning their calls. You always mean to but something else comes up. We should not put them on the back burner but it is so easy to do. Decide you will call them back and do it. This is an important victory.

Saving money. That should be on everyone’s list but quite often we just don’t do it. We see something we want and we buy it. You figure you will start your savings account next paycheck. Do it and add to it each and every week. Big Important Victory.

You get the idea. Small things or big things that we let slip by can all make a difference in our life. I know I have enough items on my list to do one thing each and every day. That would be a victory.

You can apply the same concept to your professional life as well. What are those things you think about doing that would help you professionally? You may have some great ideas so don’t keep putting them off? Make a list and make it a priority to get them done. It may not be realistic to complete one a day but how about one a week. Count it as a bonus victory for the week.

  • Keep a journal.

Write down what you did that day. We are busy and we do not take the time to evaluate ourselves. You might find that you did have a victory and maybe multiple victories.

How many times have you had someone tell you you did a good job and you just brush it aside. Pay attention and write it down. That is a victory and you should take credit. Congratulate yourself!

When it comes time for your review you can also use a journal as a reference of what you have accomplished for the year. If your company requires you to do a self evaluation you are ahead of the game. Big Victory!

Victory is the child of preparation and determination.

Sean Hampton

Victory will be determined by many factors.

  • Perspective.

How do you view life? How do you react? What do you consider a victory? Your perspective can either hold you back or push you forward. Your perspective determines what is important and what is not.

  • Attitude.

Do you take responsibility for your actions? Do you have a positive attitude? Are you prone to negativity? We do not pay enough attention to our attitude. Attitude determines how you look at the world and how the world looks at you will also be determined by your attitude. Make sure it’s a good one.

  • Determination.

Are you willing to put in the effort needed to achieve victory? Determination is what drives you, helps your work hard and keeps you focused on achieving your goals.

  • Visualization.

You need to be able to see what you want, how to get there and see the end result. Being able to visualize the result you want helps overcome fear and it helps build self confidence. If you can see the result in your mind it makes it easier to practice and have great results sooner. Have you noticed people in sports doing visualization before they compete?

The most valuable advice I can give is plan for your success. Write down your ideal goal, creating checkpoints for yourself along the way that align with the end goal. Set up rewards for achieving both little victories and big ones.

Hilary Knight

Everyone can benefit from practicing these skills. I’m retired so you might think it is not important to me. You would be incorrect. It seems now more than ever it is indeed important to me.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. Go out and score a Victory today!


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