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Blogging Does Not Equate With Quality Writing! Nonsense! Hogwash! Are Bloggers Good Writers?

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Blogging does not equate with quality writing! There appears to be some controversy about the quality of blogs. I have read a few articles recently inferring that bloggers are not considered writers.

Nonsense and Hogwash!! Blogging may be a more informal format but that does not make the quality of the writing any less. There are many “new” writers who are bloggers (I am one of them) but we are not unqualified because we are new.

Every writer is new when they first start writing regardless of the medium they are writing in. Also, not every experienced writer is necessarily a good writer. How many times have you read an article, a short story or a novel which was poorly written and had bad grammar and punctuation?

Good, bad or indifferent, everyone has something to say. Blogging is an excellent outlet for sharing your opinion, sharing your expertise and giving solace to readers.

Many individuals and companies write blogs. They keep us up to date with current events. What’s going on today? What information are you looking for? All you have to do is look at Twitter and Facebook and you will find blogs by such entities as Forbes, and The New York Times and many, many more.

“I think of us as journalists; the medium we work in is blogging.”

Joshua Micah Marshall

The point is that blogs are for everyone and they are being written by everyone.

Just because the format we are using is a blog does not mean we are inferior writers.

I have read many articles that indicate you have to be a good writer to be a good successful blogger. That makes sense. You can start a blog if you are not an experienced writer but it is important that you hone your writing skills.

While blogging can be less formal, less researched, and more geared for online reading or social sharing, to do it well requires the same kind of practice and skill as crafting a novel. 

by Jane Friedman

One interesting tidbit I have found since starting this blog is the number of people who decided to start a blog for a multitude of different reasons that ended up writing short stories or novels. Writing a blog helped them develop their writing skills and they became good quality, excellent writers. They had no intention of that when they started but that is where blogging led them.

There are many established novelists that write blogs as well.  One reason is it helps them keep active and practice their craft of writing.

So you see bloggers are good writers. We are good people who have something to say and have decided to share our thoughts and beliefs with the world. Along the way, we gained purpose and thoughtful contemplation and a love of writing.

Having something to say and the need to add value to your life can be done with writing a blog. Quite possibly a love of writing is born. A love of writing can lead to increased skills as a writer, some great blog posts and maybe some awesome short stories or a novel.

As bloggers, let’s not be afraid to call ourselves writers. And let’s not be afraid to write. To really write. To let our words tell a story, and draw people in, and paint a scene so vivid it makes our readers feel like they’re right there with us.

By Elle Croft  WRITING June 28, 2018

Writing a blog can improve your writing skills. Bloggers write all the time. A blog post is usually short so you can write multiple posts in a day, week or month.

You post to your blog at regular intervals and you are the one who decides what to write and when to post it. One of the benefits of that is the immediate feedback you receive.

How many people have read a post you have written, liked it and left a comment? If you get positive feedback you know you are doing well. If the comments are negative then you know you need to improve.

Over time your writing will improve. You will learn from your feedback and you will recognize some posts did better than others. You can look at your most popular posts and understand what your readers like.

So when someone asks what you do and you tell them you are a blogger they may not be impressed. They may not take you seriously and they may not think of you as a writer. You are a writer and you work hard at it.

Blogging is important because it gives a voice to everyone. Blogging allows women, LGBTQ, and people from all walks of life, all religions and all races to tell their stories. Each of us has wonderful stories to tell. We have a wealth of experience to share.

If not for blogging so much of that would be lost. If not for blogging there would not be the opportunity to learn to be a better writer and to gain experience and confidence. If not for blogging there would be so many great short stories and novels that might never be written. What a loss that would be.

How about you, what do you have to say? What story do you have within you? Start a blog and share it. It will help you and it just may help someone else by brightening their day or giving them the information they can use in their own lives. Come on, write a blog!


photo by  Eugene Chystiakov@eugenechystiakov   Unsplash 

As always, thank you for reading my blog. Have a great day!


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One thought on “Blogging Does Not Equate With Quality Writing! Nonsense! Hogwash! Are Bloggers Good Writers?

  1. I agree with your opinion about blog writers. I’ve just started a blog motivated by the chaos that is the current state of the British government. As a civil servant for 28 years I learned much about how writing influenced people with more academic qualifications than me, simply because I made the effort to be as readable as possible.
    Today I have two novels published and am working on a third. Writing is, for me anyway, a non-ending learning curve. Some bloggers I have read demonstrate a keen ability to say in a few words exactly what they want readers to understand. Creating images with text in such a way is a skill. Everyone has potential to be good at writing, it just takes time, determination and patience.


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