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Expertise – How do you become an expert in your field ?

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” – Swami Sivananda

We all want to become proficient at something. It may be something in your personal life or your professional life. Usually there is a “spark” that is ignited within us when we find that one something that we love and want to do more of. Sometimes it is born out of necessity.

One of the first jobs I had was in the field of banking. I was young and although I always did my job well I never experienced a “spark”. It was purely a job and when I left to have my first job I told myself I would never go back.

Then 15 years later my world changed and it was a necessity to find a job so I could support myself and my 2 children. Guess where I landed?. Banking, of course. There was a bank right around the corner from where we lived. I could walk to work, go home on my lunch hour. The office closed at 3 and I could be home by 4. So, so convenient, so that is where I found myself.

Was there a “spark” ? Not yet, but that job was a necessity. I was pushed to make it more; I needed to make it more. Did I become an expert ? Heck no, but I did quite well. My driving force was providing for my children but it was also a personal need to become better, learn as much as I could and do the best job I could. I wanted to be respected and someone that others could learn from.

Could I have done more, accomplished more ? Yes, but my life changed and took me in a different direction. Truth be told I never truly found that “spark”. Not enough; it was more of an brightly burning ember. Was I ever disappointed ? Yes, of course.

If we never find a true “spark” that ignites us we can move forward and become an expert. It will be more difficult, but it can be done. Sometimes we will have an interest in a particular field and decide that is what we want to spend our time doing. It fulfills you in some way and you want to learn more. You want to learn as much as possible and you find the more you learn the more you want to continue learning. You may have self ignited a “spark”.

You may also be lucky enough to know what ignites you. You may have a passionate interest in a particular activity in your personal life or in a field of work to pursue in your professional life. Go for it, do whatever you can to learn and continually grow in that field. Your passion will propel you and make it easier to move forward.

Life really is a continual learning experience and there are many ways to add to your abilities and eventually find one day that you are indeed considered an expert. People will value your opinion and seek you out to ask you for advice. You may be asked to do speaking engagements, lead training classes within your field or be given the opportunity to write a book.

How do we get to that point ? What can we do to improve our knowledge and our position and become an expert ?

Learning. Learn as much as possible by taking classes, reading books and manuals, ask questions. Ask those that you know have more knowledge than you questions, lots of questions; perhaps ask if they would be a mentor.

Within the organization you work for ask for more training, ask to be sent to seminars and then ask if you can share what you learn when you complete it. Take online classes and take part in webinars. Soak up as much new knowledge on a continual basis and look for ways to apply it.

Look for contacts. There will always be people in your field that you can learn from. Stay in touch and learn from them. Everyone has a different approach and you may find someone else who has a better way of doing something or they have a good contact which they will share with you. Put yourself out there and build your reputation.

Do some writing. Perhaps a training manual and a complete program for implementing it in your organization. Start writing about what you do and publish articles in work related publications. You could, of course, write a Blog; why not ! Being recognized within your field is enhanced greatly by being a published author.

Never be complacent. Do not stop learning and always look for whatever is new in your field. Read, read and read some more. Be on top of your game and always seek to improve. Developing expertise will take time and a great deal of effort. You have to really, really want it and be willing to go the extra mile to accomplish it.

Sometimes I think we forget about basics like your ability to speak well in any circumstance or how we present ourselves. People will judge you by your appearance before anything else. Walk into a room and within seconds people have already formed an opinion about you. How you speak will be second so both are Very Important.

Learn to speak in public. Take speech classes where you have to present yourself in front of a group of people and keep doing it until you are comfortable doing it. There are many sources available online that will help you such as UTube and articles such as Start small if possible and practice, practice, practice.

Invest in your wardrobe. Buy a few basic quality pieces and add nice accessories and do not forget your shoes. Have your teeth whitened, have and maintain a manicure and a good haircut. As you can afford to, add more quality to your wardrobe and always maintain all of it. Make sure it is clean, there are no spots, no odor and no pet hair. Presentation is so important.

You are ready. Walk into any room with your head held high and confidence in you stride.

One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.- Arthur Ashe

As Always, Thank You for reading my blog. Have a Special Day.

Comments are always appreciated. Thank You.


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