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Learning To Be Positive

There are So Many books and articles about The Power of Positive Thinking. Probably one of the most well known was written by Norman Vincent Peale who wrote the book with that title.  Then there is Tony Robbins who is also very well known and wrote Personal Power II.   There are so many other good self improvement books.   There may be different approaches but I think most have the same thoughts and processes. No, I have not read all of these but I have read others and from having lived a long time, gone to college, worked for many years and attended scores of training classes I have been exposed to most of what has been written. Of course, I have also been on the internet reading more articles.

Right now, to be truthful, I am wondering if I really want to write about being positive.  That, in and of itself, is not very positive now is it ?  I think I am tired. I also am being drawn outside because it is a nice afternoon so I am going to go outside and walk around a bit. I will be right back.

Ok, that and a cup of coffee hopefully has helped.  At about 4 pm I can almost count on getting in a slight funk.  Normal, right ?  We all have our moments.  I remember writing in a paper for college about having a bad day and fixing it by taking my dog and going for a walk behind our house and how it always made me feel better.  All was right in my world again.

The point I am making is that it is not always easy to be positive. We have to make the effort and sometimes it is difficult. It does not take much to throw us off course.

I firmly believe that there are many things we can do to keep ourselves feeling positive about ourselves.  We have to be very proactive and we need to find ways/things that sooth us.  Seeking out something that comforts us will be different for everyone. 

So what can you do ?  I once knew someone who would do Yoga to be able to maintain a positive attitude. Take a nap ? Yes, if you are tired.  Read a book. Listen to music; I love that one.  Right now I really enjoy listening to Andrea Bocelli and his son, Matteo.  There is a truly beautiful video of them singing “Fall On Me”,  I smile every single time. What a beautiful expression of love between father and son.

Find something that makes you feel happy. I strongly believe that will bring about a positive attitude more than anything else.

So we have to be intentional.  We need to do it each and every day.  I now have a habit of searching the internet for quotes. I love them and they help me be more positive and I use them in my blog posts and share them on Tweeter, Facebook and on Pinterest. 

What are you thankful for ?  When you are feeling negative you should think about what you have in your life that you are grateful for.  Do you have a good friend, a spouse, a child ?  Are you working and have a job you like ?  Are you able to think of something you like and get up and actually do it ?  It can be virtually anything that makes you feel happy. If you are able to do it you have something to be grateful for.

If you are in a negative relationship, or have a friend that is negative, I think it is important to either give up the friendship or actually vocalize to the other person how you feel and tell them that it makes you feel negative too.  Be proactive in that relationship in offering help to the other person.  Maybe they do not realize the affect they are having.  Maybe you can help; that is being a good friend and it is definitely something to feel thankful for.  If your efforts are not accepted then it is time to move on; you do not need the negativity in your life.  I lived with an extremely negative person for years. In some ways in the beginning I thought I could help them but realized over time that was not a reality.  The reality was it damaged me and it has taken years to move on from that relationship. Kick them out and then be thankful you were able to do it.

Doing positive things helps boost self confidence which in turn changes your whole attitude and will actually affect your appearance.  You will smile more often, stand up straighter, and walk differently with a stronger stride and better posture.  You will be more open to other people and become more relaxed in different situations.  Make doing those positive things your daily routine; make them your new habits.

An article I read had a wonderful suggestion for starting each day with a positive thought. This would be beneficial for yourself, and as she suggested, it would be a nice gift for a friend or family member.  What she did was cut up 365 pieces of paper and wrote little notes, memories, quotes, song lyrics, descriptive words about the person you are gifting, etc. and put them in a jar so that one could be pulled out each day. A positive, feel good, way to start each day.  The article was published in Alteristic-the Power of Positivity by Darcie Folsom

As always, thank you for reading my blog. Have a great day !


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