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How To Deal With Your Baggage


“Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.” Unknown Author

We all have baggage, but are we lucky enough to have someone in our lives who will help you unpack that baggage ?  It could be a spouse, your best friend or group of friends, a teacher, a counselor, or a stranger. Yes, a stranger.  Sometimes we may lose it at the most inopportune times. Like standing in line waiting for coffee and someone notices. Then you start talking and sit down with them, drink you coffee and talk and they help.  (sounds like a movie, doesn’t it ?) They let you unpack some of your baggage and sometimes that is just enough for you to gain insight into how you truly feel and then take the necessary steps to truly unpack and move on.  You are not so worried about the reaction of someone you do not know so you are more open. 

It is kind of like going to have a haircut and you are more open with the hairdresser than you are with a spouse or a family member.  It’s weird; like they suck it right out of you when you had no intention of doing so. They ask how you are and you actually tell them. Can you imagine the stories they hear ? Oh My ! We realize they can do nothing to help us but we just want, or need, to let it out. Doesn’t solve our problem but it feels good at that moment; a very brief moment.

If you have someone in your life that is always there for you be thankful and let them know how much you appreciate them.  Keep them close to you and in your life.  One of the problems I think we have today is the lack of interpersonal connection.  We do not connect with people, even our friends, as much as we used to; especially face to face.  It is easy to let our friends slip away. 

With our cell phones, we may be close by, or even right next to one another, and we text them instead of looking at one another and using our voices.  Isn’t that silly ?  We use our phones instead of getting together.  We use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and we have people that follow us, we want followers, and some are our friends but we also want to connect with people who we do not know. We may feel like we are connecting but are we ?  Do we want to be anonymous ?

Here I am writing a blog and so are more and more people.  Why ?  My reasons?   I have become stagnant and want to open myself up to learning and experiencing things I have stopped doing as I age.  I want to be active and do things which hopefully will keep my mind active. It is certainly a way of expressing myself and in some ways it is a way to unpack my baggage. I have lost contact with my friends and not made new close friends.  My husband and I spend all our time together and have become very dependent on one another, yet I realize that when one of us is gone the surviving spouse will have a very difficult time coping.  Who will we use to unpack our baggage and there will be some. It seems that there is always baggage and we make it very difficult to unpack it. Nature of the beast and part of being human I suppose ?

So I am not against Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and I am not against writing a blog.  All of them can be good for opening up our minds, exposing ourselves to new things.  I do think for some people it may make it easier to escape from the real world and to lose our interpersonal skills.  If we have to unpack our baggage can we do it through Social Media ?  I really do not think so.  I think it takes a up close and personal interaction with someone you trust, someone that cares about you and your well being. So keep your loved ones close and work to find that someone who will want to help you unpack your baggage.

If you go it on your own and do not talk about your baggage it may take years to unload and finally work through it and it might not ever happen.  If you have baggage hopefully you will find someone to help you unpack it.

My rambling thoughts.  What do you think ? 


Moving Forward.....that is what this blog is about and adjusting my Time Frame. We all have a time frame although we may acknowledge, or look at our life that way, but life is our own personal time frame. I am in my early 70's and I plan on living for many more years and accomplish many things. This blog is the beginning of that process. It is my way of pushing myself along that path. So where do I go from here? Follow along and maybe what I do will help you to Move Forward as well. Also, join me on my journey at

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