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Shadow on Fresh Snow

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, Your mind, Your story, Your vision. So Write and Draw and Build and Play and Dance and Live only as You Can”. from Hp

I think it is so easy to lose track of who we are. We sort of glide through life. As children we are told what to do by our parents. Most parents are well intentioned but we really do not understand the magnitude of being a parent. Let’s face it parents make mistakes; I know I certainly did. Each of us reacts differently. Put 2 children in the same situation and you will come away with 2 reactions. This starts to form who we are.

Then there is school and the multitude of teachers who we interact with each day. I cringe because I can remember some absolutely terrible teachers in my life and in my children’s as well. Some teachers will be wonderful and others really awful. So we have another layer of formation into our little psyches.

By the time we reach high school we start to reach some understanding of people, the good and the bad. We react more openly about how we are being influenced by our parents, our teachers, our coaches, our neighbors, religion, etc. We may start to rebel. We will have strong feelings and opinions. Some may try to squash that. Others will care enough to listen and actually talk to us about what we think and feel. They will care enough to help if we need that. Mostly I think most of us may not be that fortunate and we just keep gliding along in life.

Then we either go to college or we enter the workplace. I believe in college for a couple of reasons. First, and hopefully, we will be more receptive to learning. We will have more passion for learning. You are exposed to so much more than high school. I also think it is really important to go away to college. There will be people from everywhere, different cultures and different ways of thinking. You will be more independent. Awesome.

When you end up in the workplace it will also be a life changing experience. Hopefully, you are now more independent and confident and have a direction, an idea of what you want to be and accomplish in life. Hopefully, you are not just gliding anymore.

Stuff happens, life happens. Early on you have no control, someone else is controlling you. As you grow and mature and start becoming you, hopefully you are becoming a strong independent individual.

Remember, there is no one quite like you. You are important. Everyone is important. Take time to be your best self. Always keep learning. Always be nice but not just to others; first you have to be nice to yourself. You will be a better everything if you are nice to yourself first.

We will constantly change throughout our lives because of all the experiences we have, good and bad. We will always have a choice of how we react. Do we let someone or something push us into being someone we do not want to be. It happens, it happened to me in my life. Remember you do have a choice. you can walk away from the negatives in your life. Be the best you can be. Remember who you are and what makes you happy. Listen to yourself. What are you saying?

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, Your mind, Your story, Your vision. So Write and Draw and Build and Play and Dance and Live only as You Can”.


Moving Forward.....that is what this blog is about and adjusting my Time Frame. We all have a time frame although we may acknowledge, or look at our life that way, but life is our own personal time frame. I am in my early 70's and I plan on living for many more years and accomplish many things. This blog is the beginning of that process. It is my way of pushing myself along that path. So where do I go from here? Follow along and maybe what I do will help you to Move Forward as well. Also, join me on my journey at

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