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I love Yoga !

One of my goals for improving myself is indeed to Move Forward and in this case literally. I have a treadmill which sits in my laundry room and is sometimes used to hold, what else, laundry.

When I was working, I would faithfully get up early each morning and use the treadmill for 1 hour. I loved it and I felt great. Since I have been retired I have gone through spells of using it, sometimes for some significant time periods and sometimes just occasionally.

Lately, not so much. How about not at all.

I know I need to and it does make me feel better. If you like fitness, or just contemplate being more active, you probably understand what I mean. Some people consider the tread mill boring. Yeah, sometimes I would have to agree. When I lived in CA I went to a gym with TV screens in front of the treadmills so you could watch TV; that was great. The tread mill I have now has a CD player and that really helps me. My go to CD is Michael Jackson Number Ones. It has some good songs to get you moving; my favorite is, of course, Thriller. Love it. You can find it here:

So, good news, this morning I got back on my treadmill. I not only got on it, I used it for 1/2 hour. Now I have to keep getting on it.

My reasons for getting back on the treadmill are:

1 – strengthening my bones – I have osteopenia. I go for a Dexascan soon to find out how I am doing. I am a little concerned my bone density has not improved and may actually have gotten worse. I will let you know in another post.

2 – increase my blood flow and my cardiovascular health. My Father and my Aunt both died from Alzheimer’s. It is a nasty disease, terrible to watch someone you love deteriorate a little bit at a time until they finally die. It is proven that exercising and increasing your blood flow helps prevent, or slow down, this disease.

3 – build muscle and muscle tone. As we age, actually starting in our 30’s, we start to lose muscle. Loss of muscle is a part of aging and if you are not active you can lose muscle tone and strength quickly. It is so important in virtually everything we do.

4 – help me sleep better. Also as we age that is just one more thing that can happen. Our quality of sleep declines and that also affects so much. Our cognitive skills slow down, our balance is affected, it affects our moods; I know I become grumpy when I do not sleep well. Here is a link to how sleep deprivation can affect us:

So, I have made a small step on my fitness journey. There are a few more things I want to add to that but I will leave that for another post.

Check back and see how I do. Maybe you can follow along and start on, or improve, your fitness


Moving Forward.....that is what this blog is about and adjusting my Time Frame. We all have a time frame although we may acknowledge, or look at our life that way, but life is our own personal time frame. I am in my early 70's and I plan on living for many more years and accomplish many things. This blog is the beginning of that process. It is my way of pushing myself along that path. So where do I go from here? Follow along and maybe what I do will help you to Move Forward as well. Also, join me on my journey at

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