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Social Media Frustration

I have been working hard trying to make some changes slowly in my life. So far it has been pretty darn irritating and my frustration level has gone sky high the last several days.

It does not seem like it should be this hard, but it is. When I was working for someone else I went to training all the time and it was never difficult. I always caught on easily. It has certainly not been the case now.

Then when I have a quiet moment and think about it I realize that this is a different situation. Yes, I was attempting something new BUT there was someone there with me guiding me. If I had been put into a room by myself and told go ahead and do this without that guidance it would have been more difficult then too. So am I being hard on myself ? Probably more than I should be.

So here is what has been going on. I attempted to join Facebook and I thought I had been successful. I created my profile and then a page. I took my time and read a lot of information. I had even posted something and friended my sons. Then 2 days later I go back to Facebook and I read a notice that tells me my account has been blocked for unusual activity. WHAT ??? I just created a profile and my page. What could I have done wrong.

I tried to contact Facebook. That was Fun. Have you ever had a problem with them and tried to reach someone, anyone, to explain it to you ? Well, let me tell you that is just not happening. I followed their instructions and they tell you in a message that please be patient someone will contact you. Well, I have yet to hear from them.

So after a few days I went back to Facebook and tried again using a different, well established email address, and bingo I now have a Facebook account. I had been using a brand new email which I wanted to do to keep my Word Press blog and new social media sites together and out of an email I used for other stuff. Is that the reason I wasn’t successful on my first attempt ? I will probably never know.

I also had a problem when I attempted to open a Twitter account. It also was not allowing me to open an account. It appeared that my email address, or something very similar was, or had been, used by someone in Turkey. This time I was using my established email address and not my new one. So I had to contact Twitter. They, unlike Facebook, were very helpful and the problem was fixed very quickly. As of today I am on Twitter.

Oh and silly me, I now know that to be able to post photos on Instagram you have to download images from your phone. I was under the assumption that you could download photos from a computer; Wrong. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I do not have a cell phone. My husband and I are so far behind the times ! So I am thinking about a cell phone now. I have wanted one for quite awhile but have not purchased one because of the expense. I am on a very limited budget so I’ll have to figure that out. Maybe I won’t be able to do Instagram.

So progress has been made. I am now on Twitter and Facebook, I have a WordPress blog and I am on Instagram, I just cannot download photos which I really want to do.

What about you ? Have you had any similar experiences?


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