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Forward Progress

Moving Forward

Well, I am trying to expand myself and I find there is so much to learn.  So you know where I am coming from my husband and I are way behind in social media.  For starters we do not even have a cell phone.

I have never joined Facebook or Twitter. I am on Instagram but only to look at other sites; I have never posted anything.

So I now realize for anyone to be aware of what I am doing I have to do these things.  Not sure how long it will take me.  Right now if anyone were to see this they would probably be thinking I am really behind the times and they would be right. 

I will keep poking away at everything and eventually I will know how to do all these things and look back and laugh.  Actually, I am already laughing at my self.  You have to have a sense of humor, right ? Wish me luck !

I am now on Facebook ! Not exactly sure I have set everything up correctly but I started working on it yesterday with my profile and set up my page this morning. Hope it works !!!!


Moving Forward.....that is what this blog is about and adjusting my Time Frame. We all have a time frame although we may acknowledge, or look at our life that way, but life is our own personal time frame. I am in my early 70's and I plan on living for many more years and accomplish many things. This blog is the beginning of that process. It is my way of pushing myself along that path. So where do I go from here? Follow along and maybe what I do will help you to Move Forward as well. Also, join me on my journey at

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